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The SSNV newsletter is a monthly digest of news and current research on the most critical global issues at the intersection of technology, society, and religion. Technology includes the entire range of tools made by human hands. Most of the human and social sciences are taken into account. The Bible is used as a primary source of wisdom, but sources from other religious traditions are consulted. The analysis approach is evidence-based, but specific methods such as system dynamics and mimetic theory are used when appropriate. The United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are used as point of reference.

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Links to Study Resources on Marriage and the Family

Basic articles in Wikipedia:

Human Sexuality
Wedding Traditions
Marriage (Heterosexual)
Marriage (Homosexual)
Virtue of Chastity
Sexual Abstinence
Spiritual Marriage
Covenant Marriage
The Act of Marriage
Marriage & Monogamy
Children & Parenting
Christian View of Marriage
Islamic View of Marriage
Marriage in ancient Rome
Divorce Demography
Divorce Geography
Infant Mortality
Child Abuse
Child Care
Child Marriage
LGBT Portal

Other recommended resources:

Marriage & Family Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Sexuality
History of Marriage
Love & Marriage
Relationships & Marriage
Marriage Encounter
Human Reproduction
Marriage & Children
Alliance for Marriage
Same-sex Marriages
Marriage & Divorce
The Theology of the Body
The Patriarchal Family
Husband and Wife
Family & Development
Marriage Partnership
Marriage is Forever
Information for Parents
Sex Before Marriage
Sex Outside Marriage
Chastity, Morality & Schools
Contraceptive Culture
Marriage & Religion
Human Development and Family Science
Australian Institute of Family Studies
The Only Solution To High Divorce Rates and Broken Families
Unmarried America
National Council of Family Relations
Administration for Children and Families
Marriage Statistics (USA)
Marriage and Divorce
Child Health and Human Development
UN Children's Fund
Childcare and Education
Divorce Statistics
Gay Marriage Resources

Note: This list of links is recommended for the purpose of reviewing various traditions and current schools of thought about marriage and the family. It does not imply full agreement with everything that is proposed in the linked documents.

Wedding Rings
Symbol of Marital Commitment to Fidelity
Source: Wikipedia

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